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      To keep all our animals safe here at Timber Ridge and to be able to check on them night and day.  Mark again has added another elaborate security system for their safety as well as ours.  We will do anything to keep them free from harm! 
      This system also has come complete with a 24 hour surveilliance which is recorded on a couple seperate machines and we  can watch them while we are in the house on the top part of our tv on a little screen.  Now we can always watch and make sure we don't have babies being born sooner than expected, dogs or horses!  Are when one of them gets into something they aren't suppose too...
Mark has also updated the security boundry, that if broken will alert everyone including law enforcement.             We love each and everyone of our animals, and want them to be safe, healthy, happy and feel secure.
 In our backyard we have a large canopy to keep the sun off our bullies. Mark put  a puppy Kennel area in our backyard as well, this is to have all the smallest puppies here at the house and close to us. This is still a work in progress, but it is working out quite nice!   In 2006 we fenced in 2 1/2 acres behind our home, for more bullie run around room. In 2009 we are building a welping room and a puppy area connecting to the back of our home.
This is our barn & kennel where our horses have one side and the English bulldogs have the other side.
Our bulldogs have almost a full acre (the barnyard)  to run around  and play-in. They sometimes get locked in their kennels at night time for safety. During the day they have the run of the barnyard, so they can be dogs.

   This is the inside of our kennel area, it is in the barn here at Bulldogs of Timber Ridge.
    This is a photo of our house and our barn.
         This is Bulldogs of Timber Ridge
     We are experienced English Bulldog breeders. We are NOT a puppy mill and do not breed multi-breeds of dogs, the only canines I breed are AKC registered English Bulldogs. We exclusively and only SPECIALIZE in English Bulldog Stud Services &  English Bulldog  Puppies 4 Sale . We only offer quality English Bulldogs and Stud Services. We always have extender & shipping medium on hand to add to our semen when shipping.  We can ship at a moments notice on American Airlines same day shipment. We also can ship our English Bulldog puppies anywhere weather permitting. We sometimes offer in-house Cytology, progesterone testing, artificial insemination & canine pregnancy testing to the public.  If you have any questions Please do feel free to contact us at: [email protected] 
We raise healthy, happy English Bulldogs.  All of our dogs are well socialized with small children and other animals.  They are always surrounded by love.

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This page was last updated: December 2, 2014
 These photos were taken by:
  Rev. Dr. William G.Grice, III
  in February 2011 of our barn