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We only  raise  AKC registered Bulldogs and all of our English Bulldogs are AKC Registerable
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The BULLDOG:  In spite of its pretentious looks, an English bulldog is in its own way very moving and refined. It is endowed with charms and noble restraint, it has become the national pride of England, America and Russia being an example of determination, courage and loyalty. The bulldog is affectionate, adapts easily to life conditions in a city as well as in the country. The Bulldog is revered for his loving disposition and ability to get along with other dogs. He loves the companionship. The bulldog adores kids and grown ups, it is remarkable for its wit and is easily trained, seldom barking (peculiar feature of all bulldogs), just a very clever dog. In spite of its size posses tremendous stamina and courage.

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We are also members of QUAD which are affliliates of the AKC
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    We are an English Bulldog Breeder, based in Oklahoma. We SPECIALIZE in "English Bulldog Puppies 4 Sale" & "English Bulldog Stud Services" from our top quality AKC dogs. We offer quality English Bulldogs and Stud Services. We also offer in-house Cytology, progesterone testing, artificial insemination & canine pregnancy testing.  We do have extender & shipping medium to add to semen when shipping.  We can ship our English Bulldog puppies anywhere weather permitting.  Our site offers photos of our English Bulldog adults and puppies, pedigrees and information on breeding and general health. We also at times import some of the most beautiful English Bulldogs from some of the best lines in the world. This is to add new lines to our own stock as we do not in-breed (line-breed). These dogs are FCI registered which are transferable to AKC with full showing and breeding rights. 

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