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Caution: graphic material
How we get our babies into the world
   Finding the ovaries for surgical implanting
Implanting the sperm directly into the ovaries

Surgery finished , closing up
Putting Roxie to sleep
Recovery Time
Our little box of Rox
     We now only  Artificially Inseminate (A-I) our females. We have had very good luck with this so far, and we feel it's the safest on our females. We have done very well with our breedings!  We will implant only if  there is a problem with a female, this would be in very rare cases only!!!  Implanting your female does not mean you are guaranteed puppies!  This process is very costly and unnecessarily dangerous to your bulldog. Each time a bulldog is put to sleep there could be complications, your female could die!  The A-I process is safer on the female and  more cost effective for everyone involved.
                      Shipped semen is available 
Getting a puppy out of the left horn.
Slinging the puppy to get everything      out of his lungs and throat.
C-Section on Orlenna 
Caution: graphic material
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Emergency C-Section..
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