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Orlenna's C-Section
     Bulldogs of Timber Ridge       
Caution: very graphic materials
"Orlenna Orlanda" before  delivery."Orlenna" was bred to "Warrior" one of our older studs. Check out our "Stud Page"  if you are interested in breeding to any of our studs. We can  ship semen to you or your vet or bred your  female here at TRR.
The vet pulling out the horns that hold the puppies.
Making the first incision
After the babies are removed, everything is placed back in it's proper place.
                     Six large healthy girls
               from "Warrior" and "Orlenna"
The puppies are already trying to get around, everybody had to watch them closely so they wouldn't scoot off the table.
Finishing up all the stiching.
Here they are again eating, before we can even leave the vet's office.
Putting "Orlenna" to sleep.
Shaving  "Orlenna's" tummy and getting her ready for surgery.
More surgery preparations to keep things sterile.
With both the horns out she makes her incision carefully.
Working very quickly the vet takes puppies out of the horns and gives them to me to clean and dry.
Now "Orlenna" is stiched up 
 After stiches are finished, "Orlenna", gets cleaned up.
 "Orlenna" waking up, but still a little out of it.
Getting "Orlenna" ready to wake up and see her babies
All fed and happy.