October 2011
Jon, Catherine & Elizabeth going to 2011  Heavener  Fall Carnvial 
Catherine & Elizabeth 
Casanova & Elizabeth 
Casanova is sound a sleep
Casanova doing what he does best
Mark & Jamie Oliver practing for the Heavener Rodeo act
Timber Ridge Subdivision Halloween Party 2011!           Snow White & My Prince
Dr. Brooks & Oklahoma Weight Loss Clinic helped sponser the Heavener Rodeo. This banner was as big as a 18-wheeler
Gonna need new shoes
Cody Ward from Ward Rodeo Company & Mark practicing WIth Jamie Oliver the star of the Rodeo at Heavener 
Hold on sissy!
Elizabeth made Halloween cupcakes & a scary mess
Gave dogs a bath and then played makeup
Seriously you didn't see me???
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Mark had to winterize the jet ski, darn the luck
Shannon is a brave woman, Sidney got to have a Sleepover Birthday! How Fun!
At the trainers and doesn't look like he had been good
Laura & Cassie on the porch ready for coffee
Hilly Billy Day at school
Pajama Day at school
Casanova relaxing at the bonfire & he's under my chair
Wore out & sound asleep with Minnie Mouse on her lap
Elizabeth getting the last bit of feed out for Dixie
Playing school with her stuffed animals 
Sylvester   the cat
   The Teacher
Bat Girl & Wonder Woman
Casanova loves to get dressed up and meet everyone at the door, this year Dumb Blonde dressed up and visited with the Trick-r-Treaters too!
My Handsom Man!
Dumb Blonde dressed up as "June Clever"