November 2011
Macho Man
Getting glasses-can you tell I'm not excited
    The girls are always helping me with the puppies, Dumb Blonde is making sure Elizabeth is doing it right!
Cassie helping with folding clothes
New haircut!
Honoring    Our Veterans
to our Veterans 
Catherine's school Honored the Veteran's in our area and did a wonderful job!
Catherine is on the first row right in the middle can you find her?
Chuck-e-Cheese smiles!
I got to play in the mud for the first time & had a great time!
Hi Mommie!
Sweet Temptations has been bred to Jon-Jon a blue AKC registered Bulldog owned by Debbie Brown
This squrriel had a big piece of stuffing that came out of one of the dogs toys, he was running back to his tree. 
   Dumb Blonde & Macho Man's babies
These babies will be ready for Christmas 
Our newest litter of babies born Halloween Night
Harley and the puppies playing in the backyard.
Catherine, Mark & Elizabeth taking a afternoon ride
The wind was to bad to do anything today, but fly kites. Even Casanova had to play
is available at this time 
is available at this time 
Casanova running through the house with a treat!
Full, happy & content!
This is how Casanova helps move the office so it can be redecorated
Casanova my little Dennis the Menace always up to something
Let's play, Can you find Cassie???
I promise Mommie, I didn't do it this time. We can blame Jon
Happy Birthday Jon!
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