March 2010
Cassie just couldn't understand why I was so upset with him???
PS.  That is the dishwasher door he was sitting on..
We decorated for St. Pat's Day and the wind & rain tore up our decorations, so we had to make different one's for our bullies. Nobody is getting pinched here.
Time for the puppies to get another bath.
How do you not want a big kiss from this face!
Coconut Cream
Coconut Cream
Mike's male
Coconut Cream
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Catherine flying her kite and the puppies chasing it...
Pumpkin on her way to the airport to join her new furever family.
Family outing for Spring break to the Tulsa zoo
Looks like they all had a good time
Pumpkin made it to her new furever family.
A foot of snow the first day of Spring!
Macho Man 
Versace running & playing in the snow