February 2010
Our Super Bowl Party
        Go Saints!
Jon & Cassie tackled Laura
Jon & Mark snacked 
The girls, Cassie and I were ready for the game.
Cassie played football with the popcorn bowl
 They are not cute while being bad,but are all cute while they sleep
Here's our girls!
Casanova claimed the Valentine's Day rug for his napping rug.
Elizabeth was caught playing with the puppies again...
Cassie was ready for the game to begin!
We all had a good time, always helps when your team wins!
 puppies playing tug of war with a rope toy
The  puppies were so dirty, so they got their first bath from Catherine & Elizabeth,  then they got dried off and snuggled till they all went to sleep.
Learning to sit up. 
Cassie had the mop going through the house hitting everything in his path. Then he took a nap!
Cassie was so upset, the girls locked him out the bedroom so they could play Barbie's. Cassie take's the Barbies and runs through the house, playing keep away. The girls don't think that's a fun game.
1st time outside 
This is Cajun running in the tractor ruts and mud going to the pasture, the ruts are so deep.
YEAH! A sunny day to play outside.
Aren't  I  just tooooo cute!