August 2010
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Coffee in the morning with my boys
Cassie trying to give morning kisses
Go Cassie Go!
Controlled Chaos
Mark & I went to breakfast this morning... What a way to start the day!
Catherine skating in her new birthday skates!
Go! Elizabeth Go!
Laura Bottoms is having fun skating too.
Happy Birthday Catherine!
    Hooter girls with Catherine & Elizabeth
Roller Derby bout in Fort Smith,Ark.
Catherine & Elizabeth were part of the half time show..
Catherine getting off the school bus
Happy Birthday to me while on vacation in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.
  Thank You Mark & Everybody!
Can you see usTeresa???
We were way up on top of a mountain.
Pistol Jack
Bounty Hunter
day of school
Happy Birthday to me from Jon Casanova & Laura. Sent to my mobile phone, LOL...
I'm sure Casanova wasn't to crazy about wearing the Happy Birthday shirt...
Little Girls and make-up
 Don't leave them alone, HA!
Big sister first & she did a good job
Then little sister 
and they got the giggles....
Hard to keep a straight face with the giggles
Catherine did a good job holding a straight face...
But didn't hold it long
High Five, they did a great job!
Had a fun time too...
giggle, giggle, giggle, laugh, laugh, laugh, and then more giggles....