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  NOTE: We have NOT had most of these problems,  this is information for you to have so you can be aware of things that can happen.... I will add information as I get it or hear about it, so we can keep as many people informed as we can.
Tear Stains:    If your dog has white on his face around his eyes over time you may find his face stained to red.  This is caused by the tears from the dog. This may be from the coloring in the dogs food he is eating or in some cases the dog itself will produce red tears.  It will happen on dark faced dogs also, but can be seen on white faced dogs more. Below are more tear stain removal ideas. The damp  hair is a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast growth that can come from unfiltered water or dog food which makes the reddish brown discoloring on the dogs fur. You may have to try different dog foods till you find one just right for you. (The red dye in the dogs food causes a lot of this problem). Water should be in a stainless steel bowl to prevent bacteria harboring in porous materials such as plastic, unless you clean each day as I do. If tear stain are persistent, here are some recipes to hopefully help:

Cherry Eye:   This is where the gland from the third eyelid protrudes in the corner of the eye.  You will need to bring the dog to the vet and have it removed.  This is not a major surgery!  You do however need a vet that knows what he/she is doing if done incorrectly it could cause a dry eye.  After a couple of days of putting ointment in the eye from the vet it will all look normal.  This will cost around $20.00 to $30.00 to have this taken care of.

Entropian:    This is where the eyelashes have turned inwards and rub against the eye, surgery may be required.  Sometimes it is only stray eyelashes that are growing the wrong way (which is called "Distichiasis". These can be removed (I usually let the vet take care of this). Entropian  needs surgery, if not taken care of promptly the lashes will eventually scratch the cornea and could severely damage the eye or even worse cause blindness.  Your dog only has one set of eyes always see your vet for any eye troubles.

Elongated Soft Palate:   All bulldogs have an elongated soft palate, this is because of the shape of their heads (i.e.:brachycephaic-short-nosed).  In most cases this causes nothing more than snoring, but in severe cases can possibility cause difficulty in breathing.  Heat and exercise will cause loud gurgle breathing, (known as "roaring").  The severity can range from loud breathing when excited, to regurgitation of food to permanent breathing difficulties. The condition can be corrected with surgery.

Itchy Skin:   Some bulldogs have allergies: to grass, carpet or possibility the food you are feeding them.  If you can not control this with their diet then you may need to see your vet. Some dogs are allergic to corn or wheat in the food that they are being fed. But for a rash - Apply Destin diaper rash ointment daily till rash is gone. 

Diet:  I feed  "Lamb and Rice"  complete foods. I get this from "Atwood's", it comes in 8# bag's up to 40# bag's.  I use the green bag (puppy food) and the purple bag (adult food) and I mix these two together. This is absorbed in their system and doesn't go right through them. Bulldogs are know for being "windy" this does help cut down on that problem.  I keep  free choice food out for all my dogs,  their coat stays shiny and they are healthy dogs.  You can get "Lamb and Rice" dog food made by many companies:  "Iams", "Nutro", "Eukanuba", & "Purina One" are a few.

Demodex Mange:   There are two forms of  Demodex mange, localized and generalized.  Bulldogs might possibly have a outbreak of Demodex due to puberty, stress, or possibly something they are allergic to in the enviroment from which they live or the food in which they eat. This is a condition that is easily cured and not covered in our guarantee.

Sore Wrinkles:    Bulldogs need care of the face area and in the deep folds. Wipe their faces with a baby wipe or unscented cloth.  If needed apply baby diaper rash medicine in between the wrinkles, if they get red or raw.  Always keep in between the wrinkles dry this is what is called "facial fold dermatitis".

Development Problems:   The bulldog grows very fast and it is important that you keep play and exercise properly managed in the first 9 months, early joint damage could be permanent and may lead to irregular growth in the bones or lead to joint deformities or osteoarthritis.  Hip displaysia is genetic but can be encouraged via by environmental factors (i.e.: slippery floors, jumping, etc.) .This occurs when the ball and the socket of the hips do not fit properly.  A high percentage of bulldogs have hips and legs that don't fit properly. Just use common sense with your puppy.

Water and Bulldogs:  Most bulldogs can't swim,  at least 75% of there total weight is concentrated in their massive heads, shoulders, and torso.  A bulldog is seldom able to keep his large head and short nose above water. Even in depths of as little as 2 feet.  They do however love to play in the water.  I have small kiddie swimming pools for them to play in outside, I put enough water in the pool to cover my feet and let them play...

Loud Noises:   Most bulldogs don't like loud noises such as lawnmowers, 4 wheelers, etc.  Always be careful with the lawn equipment if your dog is outside with you.  

Overheated:   Bulldogs can become overheated.  This breed is very intolerant of the heat.  Dozens of dogs are lost each year due to heat exhaustion.

Thieves:   Bulldogs are very lucrative prey for thieves, never allow your dog outside unless on a lead or closely watched.  When outside, keep a collar with your name, address, and phone number on the tag at all times. The vet's name and number is also a good idea.       Please watch out also for others that pose to be reputable people and breeders of AKC registered animals. Some just have no shame!  They will have pictures on their sites they have copied off of others, including their suppose to be homes and kennels.  Always ask for current pictures of the puppies surroundings and if you can visit their home and kennel. If you would like to see our current pictures you can go to our Monthly photos page.

Dryness of the Nose and Paws:  Apply Bag Balm, Vaseline or Vitamin E oil twice daily

If you treat your bulldog like you would a baby then you should be fine with raising your bulldog.  If it's something that you have a question about like what to feed your bullie, or something with raising your bullie;  then ask yourself this? 
                                                   Would I do this with a human baby??? 
For example:  You wouldn't leave your baby in the car to go in the store to shop, so don't do this to your bulldog!  
                       You wouldn't feed your baby scraps or chicken bones, so don't do this with your bulldog.

      If you just use common sense you and your bulldog will stay happy and healthy for a very long time.
Any questions please feel free to CALL ME: 918-774-5688 at: [email protected]

.         HEALTH CARE and Awareness
Deposits, Health Guarantee, Shipping, INSURANCE, Imported puppies & General Health Care Information on this page.
Bulldogs of Timber Ridge copyrighted c
Bulldogs of Timber Ridge  copyrighted c
Bulldogs of Timber Ridge  copyrighted c
 Information About FCI Imported Dogs/Puppies when available
 The breeding of bulldogs is strictly monitored overseas where I receive my puppies. This is to prevent excessive breeding, very different from here in the United States. The parents are required to be shown and judged based upon a very strict breed standard. The sire must be 26 months before siring a litter and the dam is to be 24 months before having a litter or the puppies can not be registered with FCI.  The puppies we receive have champion lines ALWAYS!  They are pick of the litter puppies only!   We feel that the puppies we breed are some of The Best of the Best.      
A little more about FCI.  FCI organizes international dog shows and provide suggested forms of documents to its members registries. Each national registry that is affiliated with FCI operates independently and sets its own rules and procedures for registrations. The registries in Western European countries, such as Germany, France, and Belgium, tend to be as conscientious about their record keeping and standards in my opion a bit better than AKC. 
Our bulldogs we import/breed are healthy as bulldogs can be!  If you are looking for a trouble free dog then bulldogs are not for you. They are man made and a supported breed that come with their own set of unique problems. If you are not willing to deal with the problems that come with bulldogs PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE ONE!  If you do get a bulldog and decide that this breed is not for you PLEASE contact me, we will make every effort to find a loving home for your puppy/dog.
 Imported puppies come with FCI Registrations and AKC paperwork filled out for you to register your puppy with the AKC. They will then be double registered AKC & FCI as are my imported dogs/puppies..  AKC will make the decision on weather or not your puppy will be registered through them.This is the same with even a AKC puppy registration, AKC always has the final word on registering the puppy/dog. All I can do is give you all the proper paperwork for the registering of your puppy/dog. I am NOT responsible for any decisions or actions by AKC in the registering of your puppy. All FCI puppies/dogs do come with full breeding, show rights and also a pedigree. I will fill out all forms for AKC that need to be filled out for your AKC paperwork transfer. Again, it is your responsibility to send in the paperwork and make sure your name, address and personal information is correct and put onto the form. All puppies come with * full AKC and  FCI (AKC Transferable) Registration papers, Health Guarantee and Vaccination Records(All puppies are vaccinated with Duramune Max 5 CVK and/or Nobivac 5 Puppy DP, Vanguard Plus 5, Virbac DH(A2)PPI,  at 6 wks and 8 to 10 wks of age some do have rabies shots also. All puppies are Dewormed at 2 wks and every  other week thereafter.) before you receive your puppy I deworm them with "Panacur" 3 days in a row, this is good for 3 months. I do suggest that you talk with your vet to see if he recommends a different dewormer for your area.
NOTE: It must be understood that registration papers may take up to three months through the FCI and foreign registeries and AKC registered clubs. We cannot guarantee AKC registration because AKC does not guarantee it themselves, but I will add we have never had any problems with having any of our puppies/dogs being registered or transferred. 

 All of our bulldogs and imported puppies have Champion lines; ALWAYS!  4-6 Generation Champion Pedigrees do come with each puppy. All of our puppies are registered and do have papers.These bulldogs have huge heads, wide shoulders, low to the ground, bulky and muscular.  If you are paying for a BULLDOG you want it to look like a bulldog. When you have your bulldog in public, you want people to know what it is~not have to ask!

Our puppies come with a 6 month health guarantee, they are all up to date on their shots and dewormings.  Our puppies have been inspected by 3 different licensed vets by the time you receive your puppy..These are living breathing animals,they are a lot like small children with fur;  things do happen. But we try to take every precaution to make sure your bulldog is as healthy as possible before leaving here. 

Our puppies can be shipped directly to you, it is very safe.  We do ship anywhere in the world, weather permitting. We have NEVER had any problems with shipping so far except to Germany and Hawaii (which takes a lot of paperwork and quartaine time). I am very careful with the airlines I select to use for shipping these babies. It is your responsibility to check if your puppy can come into your country, if he is not being shipped within the United States. If your puppy is shipped out of the United States some countries do quarantine dogs/puppies, it is again your responsibility to check into this matter and take care of things on your end with the customs.  

We have imported some of the most beautiful English Bulldogs, from some of the best lines in the world. Our main stud was imported several years back from some of the same bloodlines that I sometimes offer.  Some of the most gorgeous and structurally sound bullies come from overseas, this is why we do like the imported bloodlines. Our imports have wide chests, big heads, short (low to the ground) and stocky builds, they also have some of the best dispositions and attitudes. They are very playful, and loving, their conformation is great, all the puppies we breed should make a great addition to any loving family. All of these puppies are. raised in homes, not in kennels. All our puppies are very well socialized,sweet and loving babies. They look like an English Bulldog should with wonderful personalities plus!!!  
We have noticed an overall better quality of health and less problems in our bulldogs,..The perfect Bulldog should be of medium size and smooth coat; with heavy, thick-set, low-swung body, massive short-faced head, wide shoulders and sturdy limbs. The general appearance and attitude should suggest great stability, vigor and strength. The disposition should be equable and kind, resolute and courageous (not vicious or aggressive), and demeanor should be pacific and dignified.
We are RESPONSIBLE breeders only breeding select puppies/dogs that meet our very HIGH standards, all of our puppies we get from overseas are "pick of the litter" from just two seperate kennels/ people, we don't just get any and every puppy available. Our puppies are readily available for you to come over and see them in person unless it is one coming from overseas. Each puppy is an individual and has his/her own personality. If you have any questions please feel free to call me at: 918-774-5688

FCI English Bulldog Breed Standard-Click Here 
AKC English Bulldog Breed Standard   - Click Here
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Please donate to your local Humane Society or if you would like to donate to our Humane Society send to (address below) or to me with their name on the money order or check: 
"Poteau Valley Humane Society" 
         410 Industrial  Blvd.
         Poteau, Ok.    74953

Deposits & Puppies on Hold:

1.  We ask for a $300.00 deposit per puppy $500.00 deposit on adults. This is non-refundable! 
Sorry no refund on DEPOSITS!  Deposits are partial payments toward the purchase price of 
your puppy/dog that you have placed on HOLD (this has kept anyone else from getting this
 puppy/dog for their family).If you put money on a puppy and afterwards change your mind, 
you have thus forfeited that money. The remaining balance of the full amount is due within 
48 hours, unless other arrangements have been agreed on.

2.  Puppies can only be picked up when weaned and paid in full, Sorry no exceptions!  

3.  Sorry NO REFUNDS of any kind! This does include deposits for everything including stud services.

4.  We accept Credit Cards, Western Union, Money Grams, bank transfers, money orders, and personal checks. (note: personal checks and certified checks have to have time to clear the bank, before you can pick up your puppy or puppy will be shipped. NSF checks are charged $50.00 plus any and all charges to me from this transaction problem...) Puppies sold at a reduced rate as PET puppies will not have papers with them, nor will you receive any without paying the full amount the puppy was listed for from the start. They were sold as PETS, not dogs for breeding, if you are purchasing a pet then you will not get papers. All of our bulldogs are full blooded and can be registered AKC, so just because you get a pet puppy it does not mean that puppy is any less than a great bred dog, it just means that you will not get registering paperwork.

5.  Puppies are normally ready to leave for there new homes between 7 to 10 weeks of age, depending on the puppy.  If you can't have your puppy paid for in that length of time, please make arrangements with us about this. I'm sure we can work something out to help. Puppies are ready to learn and need socialization with their NEW families. Give your puppy lots of attention and affection. If you have no experience with this breed, we urge you to read the articles from and any other information regarding the English Bulldog breed. If your puppy is ready to go to his/her new home then he/she must be paid in full within 5 days unless other arrangements verbally or have been made via written by e-mail otherwise we will charge $10.00 per day for boarding your puppy and $20.00 per day for boarding your dog. I do not make shipping arrangements until the puppy/dog has been paid for in full.
     My puppies and adult dogs are NOT kept in cages! I have a kennel, but the doors are rarely closed. They play  in the barnyard and in my backyard. My youngest puppies stay in the house and in my backyard, so we can play with them regularly and keep a close eye on the puppies. Puppies & dogs play rough sometimes they will get scratches, cuts, and other things that normal dogs get. They play in dirt, in the sand, and in the grass. They love it when you rake up the leaves so they can jump in the pile. They are the same as small children getting scrapes and bruises. 

6. Buyer(s) agree that the Seller is not to be held liable for any acts of said puppy, regardless!

Health Guarantee:

1.  We believe this puppy to be in good health and sound at the time of sale, we also have had the puppy/dog checked by a certified licensed veterinarian prior to shipping and include a Oklahoma State Health Certificate with your puppy/dog that certifies that the Bulldog described herein has had a health check. Also your puppy has been immunized with his or her first full set of medical inoculations since birth including  parvo and  dewormings  We try to have two sets of inoculations on All puppies  including imported ones before going to their new homes, a shot record is also included with your puppy.

2.  For your guarantee to become affected, all buyer(s) must have their puppy examined within 48 hours after receiving their puppy.  This can only be done by a certified licensed veterinarian. Failure to do so voids the Health Guarantee. If the veterinarian finds that said puppy not to be in good general health as outlined in the guarantee and states so, IN WRITING detailing the findings, including clinic address, phone numbers and license numbers. Buyer(s) must notify the Seller immediately!  Within 72 hours of  puppy purchase. This is so if there is a problem,  we can check the health of the other puppies as soon as possible."BTR" reserves the right to have the dog re-examined by our own veterinarian. If the diagnosis is confirmed by our veterinarian, "BTR" will resume the possession, if Buyer(s) so chooses credit towards another dog, we do not give refunds or pay your vet bills.

3.  All our puppies are veterinarian checked by a certified licensed vet, prior to being sent to their new homes. 

4.  We will send with your puppy a "Health Record" (folder/booklet or puppy passport) with information detailing the medical treatment your puppy has received since he/she has been born, with dewormers, medicines and inoculations that have been given to him/her..

5. We do guarantee your puppy to be free from any significant serious life-threatening (i.e. heart murmurs & cancer) for up to six months after birth,to the original purchaser of said puppy (not transferred). If any such condition is found and proven in writing from a licensed veterinarian and substantiated by lab test and/or x-rays, confirmed by "BTR's" Veterinarian, puppy must  then be returned to us for credit towards another puppy,the puppy in question will have to be returned within a reasonable time,several weeks not years later; (if their is a problem we can work together). I will not take responsibility for your vet bills, yearly shots, wormer, food, toys or boarding for your puppy/dog Regardless!!!! Replacement puppy will need to be agreed upon by "BTR" to be of the same comparable bloodline and price range. (This is just to let you know that your puppy might not be from the exact same dam and sire). "BTR" must be notified immediately upon onset of a problem with the puppy. NOTE: Minor, breed related, treatable or correctable conditions,any condition that may go away,or a condition which puppy will likely out grow, are NOT covered. Covered heart murmurs & cancer puppy/dog must be returned).  Buyer(s) is responsible for all vet bills incurred with said puppy along with transportation cost for its delivery & return. This puppy must be sent back with in 48 hours after alerting "Bulldogs ofTimber Ridge", NO Exceptions will be excused!

     a.  We will provide the original purchaser of original puppy in case of death with a replacement puppy (when one is available at the same price). According that all of the above has been met. NO ExceptionsIf you pass on available puppies you will have 90 days to pick an available puppy or forfeit any claim to another puppy.

     b.  If purchaser chooses to accept a replacement puppy, the deceased  puppy will need to be brought to the vet for an autopsy. I will need all information, x-rays and/or laboratory test  from the certified licensed veterinarian. This is sole responsibility of  the Buyer(s) to have this done within a very reasonable time frame.  I do understand if something like this were to happen it  will be very hard on the owner of the puppy, it would be better to let the vet do as much as possible and talk with us and our vet. We will work with your vet in any and all circumstances.

     c.  Any and all veterinarian expenses incurred by the Buyer(s) for any reason will NOT be our responsibility, including the vet bills of said puppy if shipped back.  

     d.  If there is ever a puppy that needs to be returned to "BTR" it must be returned in sound condition other than the
specified problem from the veterinarian, which would be the sole reason for returning said puppy. Also this puppy will have to be returned with all AKC/FCI papers, health records, and any other documentation. Termination of guarantee regardless: if Said puppy has been bred, neutered,  spayed or have any signs of abuse what so ever. Also all of the puppy's vaccinations, heartworm  preventive, and worming records from a licensed veterinarian must be up to date, no exceptions!  We do give our own shots here, but we have had years of practice, the new puppy owner may conduct an improper inoculation as to cause serious harm to the puppy/dog, this is why we ask for a licensed veterinarian to perform this duty.          

      e. Any physical problem with, or could be the result of a injury or stress is not covered under our guarantee.

       f.   All puppies are sold with breeding rights unless otherwise noted,or sold at a reduced price,or as a pet. "BTR" will not guarantee fitness for breeding duties of or for any puppy/dog for any reason. "BTR" is not responsible for the performance of the dam or sire's ability to breed or the quality of puppies or sizes of the litter. It is the buyer's decision to breed and their sole responsibility for any and all expenses incurred from breeding said dog.
        Although a concentrated effort is made by the Seller to breed sound, healthy puppies and dogs according to AKC standards.  Buyer(s) should understand that due to the nature of this breed,Bulldogs are predisposed to certain medical anomalies and that a normal bulldog may have one or two of these conditions during its lifetime.
        The Buyer(s) is urged to research the breed and be familiar with all the health issues that could affect their bulldog before entering into this or any agreement to purchase a Bulldog. Also it is very important to have a veterinarian that is knowledgeable about the bulldog breed to use as your vet.
        Buyer(s) also agree to keep all vaccinations, vitamins, & dewormings current, including rabies, and to provide regular heartworm preventive as prescribed by your veterinarian. Buyer is expected to provide proper diet and clean water. We strongly urge you to attend a puppy class or obedience training. All dogs should be taught the do's and don'ts of being a companion. Many dogs are euthanasia each year because the owners fail to teach any manners to their puppy/dog. If you are not planning to breed, you need to spay or neuter your puppy/dog. You are expected to know how and understand the do's and don'ts of this breed.
        Buyer also understands no cash refunds of any for any reason. Any and ALL Vet bills are buyers sole responsibility regardless..  

       I  use "Revolution" (selamectin) it kills fleas and ticks, controls ear-mites and prevents heartworm disease, it also treats and controls sarcoptic mange. Use once a month and its easy to apply.

        Puppies being sold for someone else are noted at the top of the page(photo) on "Bulldogs of Timber Ridge" are its associates are not responsible for that puppy (at all), those puppies are sold as is unless otherwise marked guarantied. Then they have the same guarantee as "BTR" puppies, but nothru"Bulldogs of Timber Ridge" are it's associates. Imported puppies come with registeration for FCI & AKC paperwork for registering. I would hope you check into the breed enough to understand what AKC & FCI is. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me or call at any time. I will not take responsibility, because you did not do your homework on the breed of your future family member. Please be a great owner!

Not everybody deserves a pet, but every pet deserves a great home.

Not Covered:
* Reimbursement for any veterinary expenses/test/x-rays or medications, wormers or vaccinations of said puppy/dog. .
* Reimbursement for any transportation/return; including air fair or transporter fees Regardless.
* Any injury or illness which could of occurred during transport (you may purchase shipping insurance through the airline, this is $45.00). 
* Any condition which can be easily and permanently cured or corrected.
* Any inheritable trait not affecting the puppy's health, such as color, ear set, height, size, or just the way your puppy looks as he/she grows, No one can guarantee what your puppy will look like.These puppies are bred to be show & pet quality, no guarantee, written or implied, is made with regard to the puppy's conformation or show performance. Colors of puppies as they grow are NOT guaranteed, white puppies as they get older might get spots on their ears or bodies. Guarantee does not cover what in the bulldog 
breed we consider normal: Cherry eye, Entropion, "loose" hips or knees or skin allergies such as demodectic mange.
* Buyer(s) also agrees that the Seller is not liable for any acts of the puppy.
* External parasites, such as fleas and ticks, or their effects(your puppy has been shampooed and has been given the best of care and cleanliness, but it could be possible for him/her to have picked up a flea during transport.
* Internal parasites, such as intestinal worms, or their effects. Almost every puppy has some sort of intestinal worms;although we have wormed your puppy regularly since birth, it only takes a few days for him/her to pick up a new batch. That's just a part of puppy hood, this is why we recommend and have you agree to keep all vaccinations & wormings current through your veterinarian.
* If your puppy doesn't get along with the other animals or people in your home.  
Adult dogs are all sold AS IS
*Any thing that can not be agreed on and must go to court will be held in Poteau,Leflore County, Oklahoma. You will also be responsible for any and all legal services and means for collections, this means any and all attorney fees I have incurred.  No Exceptions!
 Please print out a copy of this contract when you purchase your puppy / dog, I will ask that you have read this page, I will also be under the understanding that you have done so.. .


  This means the ownership of the puppy passes to you when the puppy is shipped or leaves the care of a "Bulldogs of Timber Ridge" associate. Your puppy has been checked by a certified Registered Veterinarian and is leaving healthy with a current certificate of health as proof.  A vet check is required within 48 hours of you receiving your puppy/dog.. I must be notified within 72 hours of any problem at that time, not 6 months later. Report all and any problems to "Bulldogs of Timber Ridge" immediately. 
      I also have a courier/transporter that can deliver your puppy, if we can not deliver the puppy personally, within a reasonable distance for a reasonable amount by ground ($350.00 plus ,40 per mile there after).  All shipping expenses are paid by you (the buyer, regardless).  When delivered, your puppy will be taken care of like a Prince/Princess.   We are Select Breeders with Eukanuba/Iams Company. If you wish to drive and meet us we can meet you by car (no more than a 3 hour drive for us in one direction) there is a $150 fee for this drive if you prefer to do this instead of shipping. Shipping can be paid thru PAY PAL if you would like. All your health records are being sent with your puppy and some paperwork will be mailed to the address that the puppy has been delivered too. Prior to delivering your puppy I will send you as much information as possible, time the puppy is leaving and as close to an accurate arrival time as I can, traffic at different times of the day may have us there sooner or later. 

Bulldogs of Timber Ridge copyrighted c
FCI stands for Federation Cynologique Internationale
Age chart at the bottom of the page
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On our site you can find pictures of English Bulldog puppies, photos of our English Bulldog males (studs) we offer for stud service & photos of our other AKC English Bulldogs.For common Health issues of the english bulldog breed check above on our english bulldog information page.  If you are a new English Bulldog puppy owner, a lover of English Bulldog puppies or a novice bulldog breeder check above on our English Bulldog Information page, and on our monthly photo pages. 
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Tear Stain Removal:

If you need to change the pH of your dogs system to aid in preventing yeast or infection then Tums is primarily a source of Calcium, known as an antacid formulated as 500 mg Calcium Carbonate. Giving your Bulldog 1/2 of the Fruit flavored variety twice a day will help change the pH of the tears. This will change the tears' environment and can help make it hostile for the continued growth of yeast and bacteria.

White Vinegar
A teaspoon of white cider vinegar can be added to your dogs drinking water to control new tear stains.  It may take a while for your dog to "decide" to drink this water so start with a little less and gradually increase the amount of vinegar.  Vinegar works much like TUMS in that it can changes the pH of the drinking water. Changing the pH of your dog slightly will do wonders in the tear stain war and help eliminate bacteria and deep stain color and prevent yeast build up and is best used as a prevention once you have the tear stains removed or nearly removed. This will help for the future of the tear stains and make them a minimum occurrence.

Milk of Magnesia, corn starch and peroxide 
Use equal volume of MOM (plain white) and peroxide, and then use the corn starch to make a good paste of this; put on and work well into the stained area and let dry 4 hours. Wash out, CONDITION WELL. Keep doing this for several days until tear staining is gone, although I would recommend skipping a day or two between applications if possible. Apply a thin coat of desitan diaper rash ointment after the area is washed out and dry. Try this every other day if possible and the choice way of doing it. If your dog has heavy stains then do this for 3 days in a row, then skip every other day.This is a very old tried and true recipe.

Corn Flour, water and a drop of bleach (homemade)
Take a 2 teaspoon of corn flour, add a few drops of boiling hot water and mix to a paste. Add 1 single drop of plain bleach. mix again. Allow the mixture to cool down and apply to the tear stain area. Allow to dry (10 minutes), wait 1 hour and remove with warm water and clean cloth. Then wipe on a thin layer or peroxide and allow to air dry and leave alone. Repeat every other day for 2 weeks. DO NOT get any in the dogs eye.

You should also make sure your dog don't have a tear duct obstruction (blockage) and have corrected the food and water issue first so he don't keep getting tear stains. After all if you treat the tear stains to remove them while at the same time you feed a food that causes tear stains you won't gain nothing. Try the least invasive of the above methods first, give them 2-4 weeks to work, then if your not satisfied go to another method of treatment. Do not use multiple treatments at the same time. Always have your vet give the dog a complete exam to rule out any serious eye condition first before trying anything else. The commercial products just don't work very well so it is best to just forget about them unless you have a very mild case of stain.

Consult your vet for this method as it requires a RX anyway. This method should only be used when all others have failed and should only be used for 1-2 courses of treatment and not relied on as a continued treatment. Some have found success in eliminating tear staining by putting a bulldog on a ten day course of low dose tetracycline. Occasionally this may need to be repeated. Do not use this in puppies that have not yet cut their adult teeth. Tetracycline has been shown to cause teeth which have not erupted to permanently stain yellow. 

1 tablespoon-milk of magnesia
1 tablespoon-peroxide
Add cornstarch to make a thick paste
Rub on the stained hair
Leave over night
It will comb right out
This should remove the stains in about a week
Avoid getting in the eyes

To prevent Tear Stains
Give 1/4 of an Tum 2X's a day
And for the water intake give bottled water.
Tear Stains is a chemical imbalance which causes the staining
As always check with a licensed veterinary before using anything suggested

Dog Supplements
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 Changing your dogs food: Be sure to gradually do this. Start with 1/4 part of the new food and 3/4 old, until you have completely switched. Any sudden change in diet can bring on gas and diarrhea. Also, if flatulence is coupled with diarrhea or vomiting, consult your veternarian, ASAP
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