MARCH 2014
Bantam Cochin Frizzle hen
Large Fowl Cochin Rooster
Spotted Turkey
So here's where all my eggs are??? In an empty dog house that's just in the pen, LOL...
And here in the barrel we found even more... But the chicken coop is empty, LOL...
Sound asleep on a log
Sound asleep on a stool
This is how my bulldog pictures usually come out!!!
Sound asleep on a rug
When not sleep this is what Casanova is up too...
Spotted Jake looking for Spring LOVE
    I see you too!!!  
This is "Bitchie Hen"
Couple of Frizzle Bantam Cochin's
I can't believe I ate the whole thing!!
I've fallen and I can't get up..
I LOVE my Sissy!
Bulldog Kisses are the BEST
Madison helping Mommie put up groceries
Elizabeth with her Cat in the Hat wiskers
Casanova sitting in a wooden bowl that belongs under the coffee table
Awesome Friends Dan & Lora that live in Wisconsin
Casanova was so excited for Spring Break & the girls to visit, maybe my daughter was more excited. Told her the kids could come only if they weren't sick... She sent a gallon bag with all of this and said they were just fine, LOL...