September  2014
Casanova modeling his new dog tag                         (for humans too)
Laura with all her baby chicks she hatched out
Misty after her first litter of babies 
A baby puppy from BTR is now apart of a New family
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Soft shell egg from one of our hens!
Madison loves the baby chicks
Casanova stealing a banana out the banana box
Casanova going for his afternoon excerise
Necked Neck  finally is a big girl laying an egg
Tangerine just about ready to pop
Tangerine at the doctors to have her babies
The one and only Brutus T. Louis
Mary Jane getting tickled-      I love this picture
Tangerine had 4 beautiful babies
     Our Welfare chickens lol! 
Waiting on the feeder to come on
Gayla & her awesome baby boy
Rain Cloud nursed 2 babies at one time
Fall flowers for decorating the kennels
Casanova sporting his new dog tag 
Dinner time in Heavener
One of our babies belonging to Kasey & her family
One of our babies
One of our babies all grown up