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The English Bulldog is a magnificent  breed. English bulldog puppies are cute and cuddly. Bulldog puppies are friendly, gentle and very loving. English bulldogs love attention and get along well with other animals and they  are particularly fond of children. Most English Bulldogs grow up to be very calm adult dogs. The bulldog is revered for his loving dispostion. The builldog loves companionship making him a perfect family pet.
    Welcome again to Bulldogs of Timber Ridge. We are located in Southeastern Oklahoma, we can ship worldwide. We also offer same day stud services. We have been breeding bulldogs since 1998.  We strive for healthy, happy puppies &  dogs that meet the AKC registered breed standard. Our puppies are AKC registered (registerable) and are Grand Champion sired or Champion sired. Our puppies are well socialized and come with a health guarantee. If you are looking for a great looking and healthy puppy, come take a peek at all we have to offer. Click on the individual buttons to see what we might have available. For any questions PLEASE EMAIL US AT: [email protected]  or give us a call, our phone number is: (918)774-5688

***NOTICE*** We have become aware of an increasing amount of fraud over the Internet not excluding other breeders and even in local newspapers. We would like to advise you to buy smart and safely.There are more scams than legitimate breeders advertising. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A Quality bulldog for $400 or $1500!  Shipping cost for dogs are $350.00 per puppy or more... There are also other breeders or should I say so called breeders that post remarks on the internet using alias names stating lies and untruths, just because you read it on the internet does not mean it is TRUE! 

The English Bulldog puppy will grow up to be a calm adult dog. He is revered for his loving disposition. The English Bulldog loves companionship making him the perfect family pet.
All of our  English Bulldogs are registered are can be registered with AKC. I am a small breeder and dedicated to producing healthy, happy, well socialized puppies for companionship and the ability to become a strong member of a loving family. All shots and deworming will be current and provided. Our goal is to provide you with the best of quality bulldog. We are always trying to improve our lines to go above the AKC standard. All of our puppies are raised underfoot in our home and have been vet checked prior to leaving us.  We try to stay up to date on health and genetic issues affecting the English bulldog breed. Feel free to visit with us 
about any concerns you may have.  We strive to do business in a very open and honest way. We ask that you do the same. 
The popular view of the English Bulldog is one of ferocious tenacity, rather in fact a very affectionate, loyal and gentle breed. The English Bulldog is bold, alert and courageous. Thich set and low in stature. The English Bulldog is broad and powerful, conveying an impression of determination, strength and dignity.  
If you would like to find the perfect English Bulldog puppy for sale Please click here           If you would like help with information on English Bulldog Puppies or stud services Please feel free to give us a call: 918-774-5688 or 
918-653-3296 we would love to hear from you!
Buying a English Bulldog is like deciding to have a child and should be approached with as much consideration. It is a commitment and should be researched intensely before making the final decision. When adding a pet to your family you should research the breed to make sure they will be suited for your lifestyle.
Owning English Bulldogs has been a awesome delight for our whole family. We have spent many years traveling and researching the breed. Bullies are the most affectionate and loving pets we have ever owned. They are like having kids with fur!
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  We SPECIALIZE in "English Bulldog Puppies 4 Sale"  &  "English Bulldog Stud Services" from our top quality AKC dogs. We offer only quality English Bulldogs and Stud Services, along with the best overnighted shipped semen service available. We only raise AKC registered English Bulldogs and are based in Oklahoma.  We do offer cytology testing, progesterone testing, artificial insemination & canine pregnancy testing on site.  We can ship our English Bulldog puppies anywhere weather permitting, our shipped semen can be delivered overnight year round.  Our site offers photos of our English Bulldog adults and puppies, pedigrees and information on breeding and general health.   
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